A surprisingly simple way to increase the impact of MHFA & EAP

Build teams with the skills to care for each other and connect to expert help.

WeCARE365 – scalable elearning to prevent mental health issues

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How does WeCARE365, MHFA and EAP improve workplace mental health?





Checklist to build a mentally healthy culture
Easily accessible help sheets 24/7
Practical 24/7 30-minute eLearning for every employee
Practical 24/7 manager eLearning program
Manager tips to improve team psychological safety
Direct link to all public helplines
Can link to all workplace’s MHFAers
Links to EAP and Manager Assist
eLearning programs under 60 minutes
Utilises spaced learning to increase effectiveness
Client portal with resources to build momentum
In depth 15+ hours training
Increases confidence to help
Increases mental health literacy
Manager can speak to someone to seek help
Employees can speak to someone to seek advice


Psychological Safety Elearning

Mental Health Resources That Can Help

  • Download our Mentally Healthy Culture Checklist
  • Download ICARE poster: How to support a teammate in distress

How to increase the impact of Mental Health First Aid and EAP

Building a mentally healthy culture requires multiple resources

Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase the impact of Mental Health First Aid and EAP across your organisation? Or have tip sheets to assist employees seeking help?

Well they’re just a few of the things you can do with this 20 to 30 minute eLearning module available for your whole workforce. And since every business is different, and not everyone works at a desk, we’ve made it accessible on all devices.

Mental Health Online Training for Managers

WeCARE365 is an award-winning program that connects all your mental health services including Mental Health First Aid, EAP, Manager Assist, and other resources to improve employee mental health and resilience.

It does so through a range of simple, scalable, eLearning programs that help prevent mental health issues and build a culture of care. There are separate programs for managers, employees, and your project team to continuously build momentum.

WeCARE365 programs are designed to increase the reach and impact of EAP and Mental Health First Aiders, not compete with them.

What our clients are saying about WeCARE365

“If I had access to this content before I became Head of School, it would have saved me (and others) time and frustration”

Professor Frans Verstraten

Head of School of Psychology, University of Sydney

“We wanted a practical, scalable, and cost-efficient way to help address mental health issues for our team of over 5,000 people at 135 locations. The content is high quality and engaging, with best practice advice. I would recommend everyone to complete this fantastic course, because it’s suitable for both professional and personal settings.”

Luka Popovic

Former National Customer Experience and Capability Manager, Volkswagen

“Follow up measurement: 100% agree they feel more confident to help a distressed teammate or loved one.”

- NSW Government Agency on WeCARE

5/5 (2 Reviews)