Workplace Mental Health eLearning

Workplace mental health eLearning

Workplace eLearning Training
In general eLearning offers a beneficial way for people to learn efficiently and
conveniently. From cost savings to anytime – anywhere access. Spending time
in face-to-face sessions seems difficult considering peoples’ extremely busy and
unpredictable work schedules. Workplace eLearning is a relatively new trend
that was normalised during the Pandemic and is now universally acceptable
and exponentially growing.

Alongside this trend and very much because of the Pandemic, workplace mental health
has become an increasingly critical issue for both employers and employees. Companies
are now prioritising mental health in the workplace out of necessity as they react to the
growing demands of their employees.

Psychosocial Safety eLearning

The introduction of WHS legislation over the past generation has fundamentally changed the physical workspace. We will see the same thing happening in the psychosocial space as jurisdictions legislate and regulate for better mental health working conditions.

Wherever you look, these statistics are shattering the illusion that workplace safety is only about physical safety. Psychosocial workplace safety training is being legislated for with new ISO 45003 regulation that puts psychological health and safety at work at the same level of importance as physical health and safety. If you have time (especially if you are Director or Officer of your organisation) please read the article below.

ISO 45003:2021 – Psychological health and safety at work

Workplace mental health eLearning
Workplace mental health eLearning has now become the preferred way to deal with the growing need to deal with mental health issue in the workplace. The benefit of workplace mental health eLearning is that through the use of text and graphics and interesting techniques, mental health eLearning courses leverage the learner’s ability to work through complex concepts in a novel and interesting way . WeCARE365 is an excellent example of this. The use of blended learning, videos, interesting script and fonts, case studies and interesting interactive techniques make learning easier.

That is why a report commissioned by the World Health Organisation finds that eLearning is just as or more effective than traditional learning.

Mental Health Training
Based on our experience with online education and research in the field, we identified 7 key benefits of using e-learning in the workplace.

1. Employees can do the learning anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of e-learning is that it allows people to attend it from the comfort of their home in a hybrid environment or anywhere that is convenient to them. Individuals get to enhance their skills in a convenient way.

2. They Can Have A More Flexible Schedule

In general, e-learning allows employees to complete the workplace mental health eLearning course at their own pace and learn at the time of day and in the place that works best for them. When people are in control of every part of their schedule, it is easier for them to maintain an active social and family life and even work with learning.

3. A Virtual Classroom Provides A Less Stressful Learning Environment

Reduced stress is the result of a flexible schedule. When people learn at their own pace, participate in ways that feel more comfortable.

4. A Better Opportunity To Concentrate And Participate

People are productive at different times of the day. Thanks to e-learning, individuals can study at the time when their brain is most engaged. Also, some people find it challenging to focus and participate in crowded rooms. Online learning can make it easier for students to concentrate and jump in with their questions and ideas.

5. E-Learning Makes It Possible To do Your Job

Sometimes, people want to stay in their company but climb the ladder. To do so, they must improve their credentials. Attending face to face training is time consuming when you have a terribly busy full-time role. However, thanks to e-learning, there is no need to choose between training and work, as you get to do both.

6. E-Learning Is Conducive To Everyone’s Needs

The greatest advantage of e-learning is that it can be customised for the needs of every type of learner.

7. Content Can Be Reviewed an Unlimited Number Of Times

Workplace Mental Health eLearning

E-learning allows individuals to access the content as many times as they need, which is not the case with traditional teaching.

eLearning courses are a valuable tool for companies looking to educate their employees on the importance of mental health in the workplace. Courses can cover a multitude of topics, including stress management, mental health awareness and techniques for promoting positive mental health. In short, helping you ask how to ask RU OK?

The benefits of having mental health eLearning in the workplace are many. The primary one is that it can help to reduce the stigmas associated with mental health and mental illness. Employees are more likely to feel comfortable discussing their mental health with their colleagues and seeking help when they need it. This in turn reduces the negative and embarrassing impact of mental health issues that this can have on an employee’s productivity, job performance and overall wellbeing.

Psychological Safety Training eLearning
Reducing burnout is another benefit that mental health eLearning courses can have. Burnout is a common issue in the workable particularly among high stress jobs such as health care and aged care. By providing education on stress management and self-care techniques, companies can help their employees better manage their workload and avoid burnout.

In addition, workplace mental health eLearning courses can help improve overall morale and job satisfaction. When employees feel that their employer is invested in their wellbeing, they are more likely to feel valued and engaged in their work. In turn this can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. A win-win for all.

Workplace Mental Health eLearning
When designing workplace mental health eLearning courses, it is important to consider the unique needs of the organisation to ensure the learnings are relevant to that particular industry. Workplace mental health eLearning by their very nature being digital, is easily customised and therefore by definition more relevant.

There are many different types of workplace mental health eLearning courses ranging from short modules to more comprehensive courses that take several hours to complete.

Overall workplace mental health eLearning courses are an important tool for companies looking to prioritise mental health and wellbeing. By using workplace mental health eLearning courses companies can help reduce stigma, improve employee morale and job satisfaction and reduce the risk of burnout.

WeCARE365 is an award-winning workplace mental health eLearning program that is ideal. The heart of WeCARE365’s approach is providing a blending learning experience that’s simple, accessible and practical. We teach skills and behaviours that are highly applicable and easy to implement at work.

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