According to Deloitte research, poor mental health is the leading factor in lost productivity.

So what's the cost to your organisation?

Total average wages including super.

What's the cost of your mental health related absences?

According to *Deloitte’s research, 44% of absenteeism is a result of mental ill health, presenteeism costs are 4 times higher than the level of absenteeism and your turnover costs are 1.3 times the level of absenteeism.

Based on an average absenteeism rate of 3.3% (*ABS 2023), your mental ill health absenteeism costs are:

Your presenteeism costs are:

Your turnover costs are:

Total losses to your organisation:

What if we invest in prevention programs for managers?

By focusing on mental health programs for managers, and assuming a *20% reduction in mental ill health costs, you could save:

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