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Mental Ill Health Calculator

We know that looking after the mental health of our employees can seem overwhelming and there may not be funds allocated to it in the budget.

But there’s a cost to doing nothing.

WeCARE Manager™

WeCARE Manager™ develops your managers, enabling them to spot something isn’t right and build mentally healthier teams who can grow together… read more.

Free Courses on Mental Health Online


WeCARE™ provides all your people access to a short course on how they can help any of their teammates who may be struggling or in distress… read more.

First Aid for Mental Health Education

WeCARE Momentum™

Launching a WeCARE365™ eLearning program is easy, but sometimes maintaining momentum isn’t. That’s why we created this portal for you… read more.

First Aid for Mental Health

WeCARE Psychological Safety™

Your greatest opportunity as a leader is to build a psychologically safe team, all your other KPIs are underpinned by this. If you get it right, the rest is easy(ier)… read more.

Online Courses in Mental Health

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