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Our Psychological Safety module enables all managers, at all levels, to build psychologically safe teams; also known as, high performing teams ????

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Mental Health Education in the Workplace

 “We believe that the best way to boost employees’

psychological safety is to give them good managers.”

With over 2.7 million views on LinkedIn, 95% of people agreed with the statement above.

Good managers are often defined by the psychological safety they build in their teams. 

Managers contribute 70% to the engagement and wellbeing of their team.

(SOURCE: Gallup’s largest global study of the future of work)

Wellness in the Workplace

WeCARE365’s Psychological Safety elearning module enables managers at all levels to build psychologically safe teams; also known as, high performing teams. 

This is critically important for performance outcomes, building sustainable teams, and the fact that Work Health and Safety Regulations make psychological health at work everyone’s responsibility. 

(Comcare: New WHS laws came into effect in the Commonwealth jurisdiction on 01 April 2023)

Our approach to Psychological Safety:

WeCARE Psych Safety is a sixty minute elearning course broken into small learning bites.

WeCARE Psych Safety provides your managers and leaders:


  •  The skills to build more psychologically safe teams
  •  A personal action plan to build a psychologically safe team
  • Practical on-the-job activities
  •  Case studies
  •  Just in time help and resources

Our WeCARE Psych Safety framework references the work of Dr Amy Edmondson, Google and NASA’s research, Tom Geraghty and many other leaders in this field.



We keep it practical, following a process of Care | Lead | Grow.

Customised or ready to launch 

All our online training is highly customisable and starts with one of our team looking at your organisation’s individual needs. Customisations might include:


  • Tailoring our elearning to your different business units e.g. a retailer may have different language and content for store staff vs logistics
  • Individualised case studies and activities to target your industry
  • Applying your branding, images and style guide
  • Weaving your other initiatives and/or help resources into the program

Depending on your customisation requirements, we can roll out WeCARE365 elearning programs within days if needed, and in most instances, within a month. Talk deadlines with us, we understand.

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