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Launching a WeCARE365 eLearning program is easy, but sometimes maintaining momentum isn’t. We’re here to help.

Plan, launch and maintain momentum.

WeCARE Momentum Hub

We provide a hub of communication templates, videos and advice to make launching WeCARE products easy while building long term momentum. 

The hub provides 24/7 access to your project team who are launching, managing, and championing the WeCARE eLearning programs.

 “To make long term change and build caring teams who grow together, we must maintain the momentum. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

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Psychological Safety Elearning

Project managers for any new program have long ‘to do’ lists, so we designed WeCARE Momentum to make things easier. Whether they use a few of the resources or many of them, they’ll find them all simple and practical.

There are email templates for a countdown to the launch, tip sheets for self-produced videos, interview ideas to gather personal mental health stories, advice to support you at every stage, and videos to promote the programs.

How do I get access?

If you purchase the WeCARE program (for all of your people) and WeCARE Manager (you guessed it… for managers), access to our WeCARE Momentum Hub will be provided to your project managers, admin team, mental health first aid team and champions, for free.

Mental Health Online Training for Managers

What our clients are saying about WeCARE365

“If I had access to this content before I became Head of School, it would have saved me (and others) time and frustration”

Professor Frans Verstraten

Head of School of Psychology, University of Sydney

“We wanted a practical, scalable, and cost-efficient way to help address mental health issues for our team of over 5,000 people at 135 locations. The content is high quality and engaging, with best practice advice. I would recommend everyone to complete this fantastic course, because it’s suitable for both professional and personal settings.”

Luka Popovic

Former National Customer Experience and Capability Manager, Volkswagen

“Follow up measurement: 100% agree they feel more confident to help a distressed teammate or loved one.”

- NSW Government Agency on WeCARE

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