Mental Health Courses Online


With the increase in workplace mental
health issues and the fact that it is the
number 1 issue in the Australian workplace,
addressing this issue at work through
mental health training online doesn’t have
to be a complex, unwieldy process or a system
that is difficult to access or navigate. Rather,
it can – and should – be practical and easy to
implement for all members of the workforce.
Ideally it is do-able in 30 to 60 minutes.

Mental health courses online are a practical
and cost-effective way of undertaking training especially in large muti location organisations. Getting people together in one location is expensive, time-consuming and if travel is required prohibitively expensive. If there is one thing that has changed for the better because of the past years of the pandemic is people’s willingness to work virtually. And this has been a boon for training. The accepted practice of face-to-face training is now much rarer. Whether it is Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, virtual meetings and in turn virtual mental health courses online training is accepted and encouraged.

And with the Hybrid Office emerging as the way forward for many organisations there is even more reason to understand and undertake mental health courses online. Workplace mental health issues remain one of the key challenges in todays post pandemic business environment, so having a cost effective way of delivering this is crucial to the future health of our organisations.

Mental Health at work Training

It has never been more important to have mental health at work training.

Mental health is the number 1 issue that employees raise when surveyed and their expectations that this issue will be addressed continues to grow. The emergence of psychosocial health as a factor in Workplace Health and Safety and the fact that there are more regulations emerging that deal with mental health at work heighten the need for addressing workplace mental health at work training. The challenges of course are how to manage all these issue in a cost effective and scalable way. One of the key ways is using mental health courses online.

Mental Health courses online

Good mental health courses online should have the following characteristics and features;


    • Most importantly they should be evidence based. Users need to know that the techniques being discussed are appropriate and proven.

    • All learning needs to be interactive and engaging. This is even more important for online courses where the personal touch is not available. This will keep users motivated. Interactive elements like quizzes, discussions and exercises are important.

    • It’s also important that the courses are accessible for people with a range of abilities and backgrounds. Cultural sensitivities are important.

    • Make sure the experts you are listening to, or viewing are experts. Do some homework and ensure their credentials are real and meaningful.

    • Ideally the course is self-paced. In other words, you can come and go depending on how much time you have and can work with your schedule.

    • Make sure you have technical support. There is nothing worse than buying a program where there is nowhere to go if and when you strike issues.

Mental Health eLearning 

Simple is always best. Like the best educational approaches, simple is always better than complex and clunky. When we were creating our mental health eLearning course, WeCARE365 we kept the following intention front and centre in our design process:

‘The simplest, scalable program to prevent mental health issues and build a culture of care.’

Why simple? Because we wanted WeCARE365 to NOT be yet another mental health eLearning tool with a manual that gets shoved in a filing cabinet almost immediately when people return to their desks after a training session. We wanted the learnings to be brought to life in the workplace. We wanted to equip people with the skills and confidence to approach a colleague who appeared to be having struggles with their mental health in a way that helps, not hinders. We wanted people to build their own mental health toolkit in the process.

Simplicity is seen as the holy grail for design thinkers, educators and designers alike. It’s the pinnacle of achievement as it is an indicator of effectiveness and efficiency against a specific goal, in our case, to improve the mental health of workforces and by default, people.

Simplicity doesn’t equal shallow, aesthetics-driven products, although aesthetics is certainly a key consideration. WeCARE365 is robust and evidence-based mental health eLearning course. It’s short, sharp and to the point which facilitates learning. It’s easy to understand, which facilitates turning knowledge into action. It’s a form of blended learning that’s for every employee, every day and every location and is based on our Founder’s 5 factor model for a mentally healthy workplace:

I- identify

C – compassion

A- access experts

R- revitalising work

E – exercise

The WeCARE365 modules are where simplicity comes to the fore. They’re accessible on all devices with aids and resources such as videos, guidebooks, posters, wallet cards, WeCARE365 checklists and templates, all with the intent of helping people to build the toolkit and the confidence to support someone in distress.

Time and time again, the feedback we receive is people’s astonishment and delight in realising that the actions and building blocks to both helpfully react to observed behaviours as well as build mental wellness can be brought to life, quickly.

Come and talk to us about how we can help you address mental health at work training with our WeCARE365 mental health eLearning program.


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Mental Health Online Courses
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