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A simple, scalable program to prevent mental health issues

Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase the impact of Mental Health First Aid and EAP across your organisation and catch issues early?

WeCARE Manager™ develops the skills of your managers, enabling them to take action when they spot something isn’t right and build mentally healthier teams who can grow together.

Let’s stop little problems becoming big ones.

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Did you know?

Mental Health is the #1 societal issue employees care about (Atlassian, PwC, 2021)

This same research shows that on average 54% of employees are engaged, but this increases to 89% if employees are satisfied with the action their employer is taking on issues they care about. 

Mental stress claims are 400% higher than physical injury claims (Allianz, 2020)

WeCARE Manager™ enables you to confidently know when and how to ask R U OK? and improve your team’s performance

Workplace Mental Health

WeCARE Manager™ is a simple scalable eLearning program for leaders.

This 12-week program includes 50 minutes of elearning with case studies, videos, and help sheets, followed by 12 two-minute weekly video “nudges” sent directly to managers to help them turn learning into action.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • Manager’s responsibilities including new ISO 45003 responsibilities
  • The ICARE framework (download a one page overview of the framework here) [add the download form from resources here]
  • Supporting remote teams
Psychological Safety Training
Mental Health Training for Managers

Customising WeCARE Manager™ for your organisation

The WeCARE Manager™ program is not a “one size fits all” solution. We know that each organisation is different. That’s why we offer WeCARE Manager™ in a range of packages:

  • Our off-the shelf program can be purchased as an individual licence (or multiple licences) and accessed from our learning portal. It includes the Resources Hub and 12 follow – up videos
  • Our off-the-shelf training can also be hosted on your own LMS
  • If you want to make this your own, that’s no problem. We can customise WeCARE Manager™ with your logo, branding, images and critical content for your managers
  • You can access WeCARE Manager™ on a yearly subscription basis or make a one-off lifetime purchase

WeCAREManagers can:

  •   Share daily rituals that promote a culture of care and psychological safety, and prevent mental health issues
  •   Have the will and skill to identify someone who is struggling
  •   Have an empathetic R U OK? conversation 
  •   Identify the best way to guide someone to help 
  •   Support a teammate return to full productivity
  •   Understand your responsibilities as a manager 
  •   Appreciate why caring makes a difference to productivity and your leadership
Mental Health Training

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