In a recent survey we conducted, “We are too busy” was rated as the #1 reason which stopped workplaces from building a mentally healthy culture. This is somewhat ironical – as employees now nominate mental health is the #1 societal issue (Atlassian/pwc) they care about.

There should always be time for employees #1 issue. There is no excuse.

If we are planning to improve workplace mental health these are critical things to consider:

·       Is your executive leadership on board? If not, why?

·       Who is your sponsor? We recommend a divisional leader who is passionate about the issue – outside of HR

·       Articulate how this program aligns to your vision and values (it is not something extra)

What next?

Gallup research tells us that what a manager says and does contributes 70% towards the engagement and wellbeing of the team.

Training managers about how to build mentally healthy teams is the key to improving team mental health.

With this background it can be tempting to look for a quick short course. However, the science of learning tells us that we will forget 75% of what we learn after 6 days unless it is reinforced with spaced learning.

We need simple scalable courses for managers – backed up with a tool kit of help sheets that can easily be found when needed – and regular nudges to turn knowledge into action.

That is why the WeCARE365 team has developed WeCARE Manager.

WeCARE Manager – eLearning to prevent mental health issues

WeCARE Manager is a simple scalable eLearning program to help managers to prevent mental health issues and build a culture of care.

Everything we do is designed to turn knowledge into action which means there are 3 components to the program:

  1. A 50 minute highly engaging eLearning program
  2. Followed by 12 x 2-minute videos (one per week) to invite managers to apply one idea from the course
  3. A client team toolkit portal which contains checklists, videos, help sheets, etc to build momentum for up to a year after the launch

Book a 30 minute demo

The best way to understand the benefits is to book a 30-minute demo. To do that please email Amine Haddad –

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