“I thought that when you cared for somebody, you went over and talked to them. It turns out when you care for somebody, you go over to listen to them, not to debate, not to judge, but to understand.”

Leadership as a Stewardship of Lives

CEO Bob Chapman of Barry-Wehmiller is really an incredible leader! He’s taken the company from a $20 million turnover to an impressive $3 billion, all while employing and leading 12,000 people. But what’s more impressive is his leadership style. He truly cares about his employees and gives them a sense of hope and healing from the problem of poverty of dignity caused by manipulative management. We gained these valuable insights when Graeme Cowan, WeCARE365’s co-founder interviewed Bob for the The Caring CEO podcast.

Below are some of the other lessons he shared with us.

To Organise 

To achieve success, it’s crucial to care deeply about your team and organise them effectively. When people feel respected and valued, they’re more likely to be motivated and contribute to the organisation’s success. It’s great to hear that Bob Chapman created a mentally healthy workplace by organising his teams and having them compete in sales games, which not only improved their customer service and performance but also made work more enjoyable. He understands that work should be fun and aligned with values to create more value. It’s clear that he’s a leader who truly cares about his team’s well-being and success.

To Lead

 It’s amazing how he was able to step up and take charge of his father’s struggling company, even without any guidance or support. And at such a young age too! It just goes to show how determination and hard work can really pay off. Indeed, Bob’s leadership skills played a huge role in turning the company around and leading it through those tough times.

To Protect

It’s admirable how Bob takes stewardship seriously in all aspects of his life, whether it’s through birth, adoption, marriage, parenting, or leadership. It’s so important to protect and lead the precious lives that come into our lives, and it’s great to hear that Bob values everyone in the workplace, regardless of their role. It’s interesting to hear that Bob’s experiences as a father and husband have taught him more about leadership than business school ever did. It just goes to show that there’s so much more to leadership than just business strategies and tactics. Bob’s message about remembering that the people under our care are somebody’s precious child is really powerful and something that all leaders should keep in mind. After all, our leadership can have a huge impact on their health, behaviour, and relationships outside of work.

To Influence

It’s great to hear that Bob believes in the power of business to make a positive impact on the world. It’s true that as leaders, we have the ability to influence people’s lives and make a difference. Bob distinguishes between leading and influencing, and recognises that influencing can have an even greater impact. It’s also heartwarming to hear that Bob’s main focus as a leader is to make sure that the people under his care feel valued and appreciated. It’s so important to show that we care, and I agree that it can be contagious and inspire others to do the same.

To Get Stuff Done

Listening to our team with empathy and validating their needs is crucial to achieving our goals. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish when we take the time to truly listen to others. Making our team feel valued is so important, not just for their work performance, but for their overall well-being. When they feel appreciated, it can have a positive impact on their personal relationships as well. In today’s ever-changing world,  strong workplace leadership is more important than ever, and making our team feel valued throughout the process is a key part of that.

About WeCARE365

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